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  2. pistolpetematty:

    I bet most the time,

    You’re too insecure to admit it,

    You’re the last in line to move,

    Now I’m running out of things that I can say,

    Cause nothing that I say is really helping anyway.

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  3. yeswekin:

    Some highlights from this summer. Opening for Weatherbox, Circa Survive, Brode Dalle, runs of shows with the Box Tiger down the east coast and up through Canada, recording a new Worried Well album (last bit of tracking tonight!), and over all great times. Thanks to all the bands we played with, people who let us crash with them, and generally anybody who has showed support for anything I’ve been doing. 
    After tonight it’s onto mixing the new WW album and preparing the new release of a new (old) Box Tiger single.  Both are very exciting. I’m looking forward to it getting to your ears.
    On the Yes We Kin front I’m always writing, might do some laptop demos and post them here. I’ll be really gathering stuff for something new (whatever it will be) in 2015. 

    Below are the links and reviews where I got some of these photos! Check em out! 




    goooooood summmerrrrrrrr

  4. thegreatpotatoking:

    This is the single most important invention of 2014. No question about it.

    I want

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  5. Sneak peek 🙈

  6. Boy do I love me some Rubblebucket

  7. rubblebuckuhhhhhhhttt


  8. I’m sitting on the back porch of my home of 20 years that is getting sold tomorrow at 10am.
    Listening to LCD Soundsystem and the Proclaimers and that one Guster song I like crying like a fuckin baby.

    This is weird, man.

  9. moodylord:


    Whenever I try to film Woo Woo he stops doing what he is doing. So, he’s off to the side of the camera where he cannot see me, but the sounds are all him.

    Here’s the subtitles: " Say WOOOOOOOOO!…….wooooo.  Say WOOooooooO. (whistles). (fake vomits) (laughs maniacally) (coughs) "

    My bird is special.

    Oh my god


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    invader zim is 13 years old today. invader zim is old enough to have an invader zim phase

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  11. Caught a whole 30 seconds of the Future Islands set tonight before playing a show of my own. As if this week can’t get weirder in the best ways possible

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    Are you fucking joking


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  13. nprmusic:

    It’s one thing to write a song about a friend’s murder. It’s another to make a music video about it. That’s the delicate line that directors John Komar and Reza Iman had to balance for Into It. Over It.’s “The Shaking Of Leaves.” Yet difficult nuances are explored here, related via an animated story about a dog that leaves an abusive owner.

    Watch it here and on All Songs TV

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  14. luthiermark:


    What Fox considers newsworthy analysis on ISIS:

    Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson reading from the Bible and declaring "either convert them or kill them." Seriously.

    Remember when the GOP used to be the party of esteemed intellectuals like William F. Buckley?

  15. Studio marathon MADNESS continues. Recording an old In the Audience jam with @theboxtiger at @thewildarctic